This is the place where everyone who has a "Flanagan" in their family-tree is at home. Here, we come together to celebrate our Irish heritage, to find our genealogical connections, and to just, "be a family." We welcome all walks of life, all occupations and backgrounds. We welcome every life-style and heritage. Our members live all over the world, in places both exotic and mundane. We are the Clan of Flanagans.

Begun in 2004 by a handful of Flanagan genealogy researchers and registered with the Clans of Ireland, ClanFlanagan has grown to include several hundred members from all over the world. Primarily an "on-line" organization, many of our members are in constant contact using the Clan Flanagan, Yahoo Group's, e-mail list. Some keep in touch using the Facebook ClanFlanagan Group. Over the last few years, many of our members have discovered long-lost cousins and have uncovered and verified distant genealogical connections. We've shared stories about our Flanagan ancestors, and we've simply gotten to know each other. We squabble, we cheer, we tease and we joke. We share our passions and woes, and we "discuss" (at times, stridently) our opinions and our beliefs. We have become close-knit as family and as friends.

If your name is pronounced, "Flanagan" (we don't care how you spell it); if you are descended from a family of "Flanagans;" we would like to welcome you into ClanFlanagan. Please, join with us in celebrating our proud heritage.

Mail us a completed Application Form or go to the Yahoo group, Clan Flanagan, and click on "Join This Group!" Or send an e-mail to the Secretary/Treasurer of Clan Flanagan. We need to know your name, age, and mailing address; and we need a listing that shows your descent from a Flanagan ancestor.

We do want to point out that the sept O'Flannagain of Uachtar-Tire in north Waterford are welcome to participate in ClanFlanagan. But Flanagans from that particular Irish lineage should join and Their group is specific to the O'Flannagain of Uachtar-Tire Family Lineage.