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About the name "Flanagan"

The surname Flanagan is descriptive in origin, "Flann" meaning red or ruddy. Most sources suggest that it means "red-headed" though some suggest that it refers to a ruddy complexion. Several distinct families with the surname emerged in Ireland, arising in different locales, including the counties of Fermanagh, Offaly, Roscommon, Waterford, and Westmeath.

Spelling variations of the name include: Flanagan, Flanaghan, Flangan, Flanigan, Flannagan, Flannigan, Flanningan, Flanikin, Flanakin, Flanagin, Flanigin, Flenniken, Flannacan, Flannacain, and any of these prefixed with an O'. Every variation is welcomed in to ClanFlanagan.

Irish History & Flanagans

A Bibliography of source material covering the course of Irish history may be found at the World of Royalty's Irish Royalty page.

Irish Pedigrees; Or, the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation, in two Volumes, by John O'Hart (ISBN: 111218998X) is a standard reference, available in many public libraries. The most notorious feature is the genealogical decendency table for most of the clans of Ireland, showing how all were descended from Milesius of Spain. And how Milesius of Spain was descended from the Biblical Adam and Eve! Bud Flanagan, ClanFlanagan's Historian, has compiled this descendency, detailing its direct Flanagan Connection into a single "niallmor-ninehostages.pdf" file. Eochaidh Muigh-Meadhoin (315-365 A.D.), the 124 the Monarch of Ireland, was the common father of half-brothers, Brien/Brian and Niall of the Nine Hostages. They were the ancestors of both branches of our Flanagan surname.

The Book of Ulster Surnames, by Robert Bell (ISBN 0-85640-416-0). An account which includes the Flanagans in counties Cavan, Fermanagh and Monaghan. We Flanagans should pay particular attention to page 68.

The Fermanagh Story by Peadar Livingston. This out-of-print book includes history of Flanagans in County Fermanagh.

CELT, the Corpus of Electronic Texts has a searchable online database consisting of translations of contemporary and historical texts from many areas, including literature and the other arts. Included in their collection of published texts are many which are especially relevant to the study of the Flanagan name in the ancient history of Ireland.

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