Samuel C. Flanagin
(13 Sep 1830 - 22 Apr 1923)

Samuel C. Flanagin, his wife - Lucinda Hunter Flanagin, and his son - Houston Flanagin - ca. 1890

Samuel did not fight for either side during the Civil War as two of his brothers did. He did have a very close call though with the Confederate Army. Charlie Cunningham, at age 92, grandson of Sarah Brakebill Cunningham, related the following story [a factual story] to Gene Brakebill in 1995.

'.... shortly after the Confederate Conscription Act was passed, Wiley Hamilton Cunningham and Samuel Flanagin were working together near their homes when Confederate soldiers rode up and told them they had to go into the army. Sam pointed toward his house and asked if he could go say good bye to his wife. He was given permission to do so. He ran up to his house, entered the front door, grabbed his gun and ran out the back door and up the small mountain in the rear. The soldiers never found him. ....'

Charlie was told the story by his grandmother - Sarah Brakebill Cunningham,
Wiley Cunningham's widow. And Phil Flanagan brought it to us.