Marion Avis Flanagan

Marion Flanagan, A woman ahead of her time.My sister Marion was born to J. S. and Margaret Flanagan on Christmas day in 1921 in Dorset, Minnesota and died on the 4th of July, 1998. She was the fourth born of five children. Marion was only about one year old when our family moved to Minneapolis. After she graduated from St. Louis Park High School she attended the University of Minnesota. She received a bachelor's degree in Home Economics and later she received a degree in Business. Marion was employed by Arthur Anderson as a bookkeeper and office manager. In time, Marion decided to leave the company and eventually she even left the country! She traveled extensively throughout Europe for over one year. When she finally returned to Minnesota she landed a job with the state as an account executive.

Marion was a woman who was clearly ahead of her time. In addition to her extensive education and prestigious positions she also taught soldiers how to fly! During World War II Marion joined the W.A.V.E.S. (Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service). She was stationed in Pensacola, Florida as a flight instructor where she taught many young men how to pilot a plane with the use of a flight simulator.

Through the years Marion has been an avid reader. She played golf, traveled and was an excellent bowler. She also loved to knit and crochet. In fact, she made an afghan for each one of her nieces and nephews. Marion also loved animals -- dogs in particular. Her latest were Terriers. "Sassy" and Sassy's offspring "Maggie" who was named after our Mother.

When Marion retired from the business world she returned to her birth place and purchased a home there. She loved the country life. She spent her leisure time at a cabin she purchased on Deer Lake in Wisconsin. There she would catch up on her reading as well as a little fishing and hiking.

Marion always had a superb sense of humor too. She loved to tease, especially me. One of her favorite sayings was "heavy Evie and skinny Mary". She used to chant that just to get a rise out of me. Now it is a nice remembrance of the way she used to be.

as told by her sister, Evelyn (Flanagan) Peugh
brought to ClanFlanagan by her second-cousin, Michele (Flanagan) Corneail